Let's Play A Game

I want to play Guess The Price.
This textured number above... looks in the $100 range, right? The Puff Long Sleeve Dress is just under $13. Score!

This sparkly cocktail dress?.... The Black Sequin Dress is only $8.50!

This sexy sweater dress?... The Off Shoulder Knitting Dress is just $17!

Now, you can't expect high-quality fabric and construction that will last you for years to come. But Rising Taste is a fantastic place to pick up trendy pieces that might go out of season soon or outfits you'll only wear once to this one event.


I'm thinking about this one (left) and this one (right). Oh and these phenomenal Lacy Boots! Best part? There are shoes, blouses, outerwear, pants and shorts, skirts, sweaters, vests, loungewear, and jewelry... in addition to all the dresses. And it appears that literally everything is under $50. Stock up on your winter essentials!

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