Be Edgy in the Office

Need some fierce, but boardroom appropriate heels? J. Crew has this gorgeous pair of Adrianna Satin Buckle Pumps ($190) in this great deep teal, a pinky cognac, and mustard yellow. And all those straps and buckles... absolutely f.i.e.r.c.e.

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Home is With You

Print mounted on Tin "Home is wherever I am with you"

Do you have that person in your life? The one who, no matter where you are, makes you feel like you're home. Best feeling ever.

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Get that beautiful sign from Emily Rooney.


Color Theory: Mustard and Teal

The Conversion Cowl - Hand Knit Snood, Cowl, Skirt, or Capelet

Who doesn't love a fun color combo? This combination of mustard and teal is so versatile that you can add it to any aspect of your life. Here are my 3 favorite ways!

Knit Lace Fingerless Mitts - Merino Wool

1. Warm It Up - Keep yourself warm as the cold weather approaches with The Conversion Cowl ($98) from Awkward and these Knit Lace Fingerless Mitts ($24) from Neeka Knits.

Crocheted Doily Blanket in Gold

2. Delightful Decorating - Outfit your home with some bright lace! I like this Crocheted Doily Blanket ($65) by Good Knits and the Crochet Lace Doily Bowl Basket ($18) from On The Hook.

Crochet Lace Doily Bowl Basket - Teal

Vintage Venice Lace Teal Necklace

3. Adorning Bling - Be sure to finish off any look with a little color and lace. The perfect jewels for the job? The Vintage Venice Lace Necklace ($21) by Cheri Larson, the Tatted Lace Bracelet ($14) from Totus Mel, and this Lace Ariadne Headband ($25) from Branch Bound.

Tatted Lace Bracelet Lace Headband - Ariadne in Teal

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One Stop Shopping


I hate when I'm shopping online and have to pay shipping at every store because I couldn't find the outfit in one place.


I love when I'm shopping online and can find the whole outfit in one store and only pay one shipping charge.

Snake Purse

So I've rounded up an outfit from Warehouse that's awesome to take from work to a night out. Start with this Chevron Pleat Shift Dress ($89) in a pretty wine color. Add the Drape Pocket Jacket ($107) in that great cream as a nice work coverup. Accessorize with this Snake Purse ($28) and some simple black heels. When it's time to go out, just throw the jacket in your car and you'll look perfectly sexy.

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Twelve By 2012 Update

So here's an update on the Twelve By 2012 Project. If you didn't read my first post about the project, just click that link.

Here are the goals again as a reminder:
1. Finish decorating and organizing my studio space in our new place.
2. Fill up my jewelry shop online so there's product there to sell.
3. Finish the self-critique pdf I've been working on.
4. List all those things on eBay that are sitting in boxes in the dining room.
5. Create lovely gifts for all our family members for Christmas.
6. Actually decorate the apartment for Christmas this year.
7. Discover a great method of staging the photos of my intaglio prints.
8. Add more options to my indiepreneur coaching services.
9. Make a plan for my portfolio website.
10. Find a dance studio in our new city.
11. Create a mood board for the living room.
12. Actually work toward each and every one of these goals, ultimately completing them even if it's in the new year.

I've made a little progress on goal #1. I obtained a nice work table from a friend and have bought some spray paint and such to get it ready for my studio space. Just have to actually take the time to paint it... #2 is actually being held off on until 2012 because........... I enrolled in Laura Roeder's Creating Fame (which began officially yesterday, so if you're interested you'll have to wait until next year)! It's a big time commitment in addition to the monetary commitment, but there will be big pay offs. But my focus during Creating Fame is entirely on my coaching services, so my jewelry shop will have to be on the back burner. So goal #2 is officially changed to "Fully involve myself in the Creating Fame program."

I made some good headway on goal #3, my self-critique pdf, but haven't done a thing about the stuff I need to sell (goal #4).

Today, I bought my first gift for Christmas to get started on goal #5. I would reveal it here, but I don't want the recipient to know about it! And I'm not starting on goal #6 until the day after Thanksgiving out of principle.

I've got a plan in my head for photographing my prints to finish goal #7, but I have to test it out. I can go ahead and CHECK goal #8 OFF MY LIST!! While there are still a few more things I want to add to my coaching services, I've added 3 new services since starting Twelve by 2012. My portfolio website (goal #9) is also going on the back burner while I work on Creating Fame.

Goal #10 has been ignored; goal #11 is getting barely pieced together little by little; and it looks like I'm doing very well with goal #12! Hooray!

What are your goals before 2012? Do you feel a push from any of my goals?
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Cell Speaker

I love this little MP3 Speaker ($10) from Urban Outfitters. stocking stuffer... You can easily throw it in your purse to use when you want to amplify the normal speaker on your phone. It's good for playing a song for a friend or listening to an audio book or webinar in the car.


Graphic Socks

How freaking adorable are these Hansel From Basel Jacquard Crew Socks ($24) from Beklina?! I want both colors... I'll leave them peeking out of some tall-ish boots.

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Let's Play A Game

I want to play Guess The Price.
This textured number above... looks in the $100 range, right? The Puff Long Sleeve Dress is just under $13. Score!

This sparkly cocktail dress?.... The Black Sequin Dress is only $8.50!

This sexy sweater dress?... The Off Shoulder Knitting Dress is just $17!

Now, you can't expect high-quality fabric and construction that will last you for years to come. But Rising Taste is a fantastic place to pick up trendy pieces that might go out of season soon or outfits you'll only wear once to this one event.


I'm thinking about this one (left) and this one (right). Oh and these phenomenal Lacy Boots! Best part? There are shoes, blouses, outerwear, pants and shorts, skirts, sweaters, vests, loungewear, and jewelry... in addition to all the dresses. And it appears that literally everything is under $50. Stock up on your winter essentials!

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Gift Wrap Ideas to Make You Swoon

Ever looked at your gift and sincerely questioned how to make it pretty enough to actually give to someone? I know I have. A lot of the time I just resort to a single ribbon and hope simplicity is key. And it works... sort of. But here is something that works better: 31 Ways to Wrap Your Crap on the Older and Wisor blog. There are like a trillion ways because each "way" actually includes like 10-15 pictures of different variations on the idea.

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*Image 1 Source. Image 2 Source. Image 3 Source.


Festive Shoe Laces

Mr Kennedy gold shoe laces

So I know it's a little early to be talking about the holidays, but let's face it - Thanksgiving really is right around the corner. These Gold Shoe Laces ($19,000) from Mr. Kennedy are covered in 14k gold. The silver ones are only $3,000... Yeah....

But I still love the idea. So I say, grab some metallic gold paint (preferably fabric paint, but it's not absolutely necessary) and go to town on a pair of white laces. Spray with a sealant since shoe laces really take a beating.

And that will make all your lace-able shoes holiday-appropriate!

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