Twelve By 2012

I was reading over at Oh, Hello Friend today and saw Danni's newest post: Twelve By 2012. Thankfully, she invited us all to join along, which prompted me to be a bit less lazy. The idea is that you make a list of twelve things to get done in these (almost) 80 days before the year ends. Make them manageable, but definitely big goals. I think it's just the right amount of time for a list like this. Hopefully my goals aren't too far out of reach!

1. Finish decorating and organizing my studio space in our new place.
2. Fill up my jewelry shop online so there's product there to sell.
3. Finish the self-critique pdf I've been working on.
4. List all those things on eBay that are sitting in boxes in the dining room.
5. Create lovely gifts for all our family members for Christmas.
6. Actually decorate the apartment for Christmas this year.
7. Discover a great method of staging the photos of my intaglio prints.
8. Add more options to my indiepreneur coaching services.
9. Make a plan for my portfolio website.
10. Find a dance studio in our new city.
11. Create a mood board for the living room.
12. Actually work toward each and every one of these goals, ultimately completing them even if it's in the new year.

Wow! That list looks long after writing them all out.... but with your encouragement I think I might be able to accomplish the whole thing! Help remind me to get off my butt and do something, please!
with virtual hugs,

PS - thanks, Danni for the inspiration and the fun graphic to go along with the project!!


  1. Great list. Loving your Etsy shop. May want to do a feature sometime if your interested. Once I have a better following. xo Good Luck!

  2. Hey! I'm in NC, too! Neat :) Awesome list, that sounds like a lot to accomplish but I bet it wil sooo be worth it!
    [ /]

  3. Hello, fellow 'twelver' here, that's a great list that will really snowball and revitalise you ready for a fabulous new year.

  4. Hi Laura! Love your list! I was just telling the list posted before yours that #1 on your list made it to so many other lists - I commented to her that It’d be so cool if we all got this done together then did one big follow up post about all the organized desk and office spaces that came out of the project! ;) Let's do it! hha, your #6 made me laugh because I totally need to add that to my list - I haven't decorated my place in the last 2 years, even though I had the best intentions to. Can't wait to see how your list turns out. Thanks so much for participating!

  5. Sarah, I'm so glad you like my shop! I'd love to work with you on a feature. I'm always interested in any sort of mutual promotions, collaborations, general awesomeness!

    Erika, Where in NC?! Perhaps nearby and we could do a project together sometime!

    Judah, Thanks so much! I hope both our lists snowball our productivity to lead us into the new year too!

    Danni, Aww thanks for taking the time to checkout my own list so thoughtfully! I can only imagine how many lists you've been looking at these past couple days!! Whoosh. Let's both try super-hard to do all the nifty Christmas stuff we see on Pinterest. lol!

  6. Ah the EBAY list - I have that always on my list to do :)
    I love #12 too - it's a great way to commit to the list no matter what. Good luck!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Serena! Isn't it funny the stuff we accumulate that we don't need.... I would have a yard sale if I didn't live in an apartment.


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