Pretty Pinterest: Indian Headdresses

There's something about the headdress that is so inspiring, beautiful, stylish, and honestly very thought-provoking and spiritual. So for today's Pretty Pinterest, I thought I'd explore some various iterations. I'm not even delving into the absolute adorableness of the little children wearing them that you can also find all over Pinterest. Anyway, I won't do too much commentary so we can let the photos speak for themselves. Deal?
(Above photo pinned by Alexandra Chaudoin, via Tumblr.)

Pinned by Christina Looker, via Awesome Pictures.

Pinned by Sarah Jane, via Favim.

Pinned by Tanith Swinford.

Pinned by Hannah Dinan, via Sam Hiscox.

Pinned by Cory Free, via We Heart It.

Pinned by Kelli Chun.

Pinned by Red Petal, via Sarah Louise Photography.

Pinned by Carly Brooks, via Wild and Free Jewelry.

Pinned by Laura George (me!), via Urban Outfitters.

Pinned by Alexandra Keller, via Lara Jade.

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