A Gift For The Guys

Natural Weathered Wood and Moss Briefcase

Trying to figure out a gift for your beau, brother, dad, or best guy friend in the world? Yeah, I'm always looking too. Why are they so gosh-darn hard to buy for? Well, here's your next big purchase: a Natural Weathered Wood and Moss Briefcase ($250) by Mr. Lentz. I love the organic, unfinished quality it has. I think it works for the more put-together men in your life best.

with virtual hugs,


  1. I wonder if you could make one . . . perhaps out of an old pallet??

  2. Definitely possible, but you need power tools. Just nail together a hollow box as you normally would, but leave one of the large sides off. Make a second one just like it. Hinge them on one end and put latches on the other. Handle and you're good to go.

    Technically I could probably accomplish the whole thing with just a hammer, nails, and some hardware. But I'd have to plan it all out and ask the hardware store to cut the wood for me.


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