Thanks for the Vacation...

Mini Pies - Two Bite Pies - One Dozen - Perfect for Wedding or Party Favors

Thank you, wonderful readers, for allowing me that week's vacation. I didn't really vacation, per se. But I took a blogging break to catch up on work around the house and to do some very important day-job-ish things.

As a present, today I'm going to show you some amazing berryliscious finds. As summer comes to a close, I'm wanting to get the very last of the berries from the grocery store and make lovely little tarts and whatnot. But I'm much too busy! So instead, I think I'll order a few homemade favorites from Etsy. Here's what's on my list:

Above, Two Bite Mini Cherry Pies ($21 for a dozen) from Kimbo's Cookies make a great picnic food. They come in pretty packaging too, so you can give them as a gift if you like. I think they're perfect for hostess gifts this time of year!

Natural & Organic Gourmet Blueberry Butter Cookies (12 Count)

These Organic Blueberry Butter Cookies ($9 for a dozen) from Xocolatt Chocolates look addictive. They're even made with eggs from the baker's own hens! In a beautiful gift box, these would be a nice thank you for friends and family who have been especially sweet lately. Be sure to check out that shop. All their sweet things are so incredibly photographed.... you'll want to eat everything right off the screen!

Half Pint jar of Jalapeno Blackberry Jam

And this yummy Jalapeno Blackberry Jam ($4.50 for a half pint jar) from Spradiling Farms would be so amazing to spread on toast or sandwiches, year-round. There's a great marinade recipe (and a dip recipe for the entertainers among you) at the link as well, for those of you who want to have one more grill-out before the school year starts.

What are your favorite berry treats? Mine has to be those delicious black raspberry jam, beef, and brie sandwiches the Boy makes me. Maybe I'll post a recipe and photos soon!

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