Pretty Pinterest: Stuff I Don't Need But Really Want

Today's Pretty Pinterest Post is full of beautiful finds for home and play - truly things I have absolutely no need for, but they would make my life more luxe.

Above is a decadent camera, originally pinned by Vega Cecilia and found on Flickr through John Kratz. Below you'll see two sets of vintage suitcase drawers, originally pinned by Dawna Keeney and created by James Plumb.

Above we have some ridiculously special handmade twig crochet hooks, originally pinned by Mo Oh. And finally, we have this amazing shower head, originally pinned by It's Magic.

with virtual hugs,


  1. Oh my word, that shower!!! I just found your blog from your etsy site, love 'em both! What's your pinterest tag? I'm on too.. I'm new to it, here's the link to mine - http://pinterest.com/eyeloveit/

    anyway.. I'm off to check out your jewelry blog. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Hi Suzanne! So glad you found my blog and my Etsy! I've been on pinterest for a few months and am smitten. Completely in love! You can find me here - http://www.pinterest.com/laurageorge


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