I bought a dress!

So it's not often that I get to purchase clothing since we moved. Our rent is higher yet we're making the same amount. So my clothing budget is pretty much nada. But one of my oldest friends is getting married in a month and my amazing parents decided to buy me a new dress for the wedding! Hooray! With my $150 budget in hand, I scoured ten or twelve local boutiques.

Upon setting foot in Bevello, I instantly knew it was the shop for me. Beautiful, cozy and intimate, and the clothing was perfect. It was all in that price range where you know the clothing is quality, but the prices don't make you cringe or feel guilty. And after a couple minutes I found the perfect dress.

Honestly, the picture of the Bossa Nova Dress ($130) by Max and Cleo does not do it justice. It fits me perfectly. Like it was tailored already! The draping is just fancy enough for a cocktail dress so that I can wear it for evening and nighttime events alike. I'm in love! I found it over at Mod Cloth but it was sold out. But then I also found it at Dillard's for a couple dollars less (linked above). Anyway, you should scoop one up if you have a little tummy like me. It does wonders for my figure.

Now I have to figure out shoes! Any ideas?
with virtual hugs,

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