Spectacular Embroidered Landscapes

tapestry handmade embroidery landscape Tuscany WHITE STREET fiber art

I'm loving these absolutely stunning hand-embroidered tapestry landscapes by Nerina 52. They're beautifully designed and created by a sweet Italian woman. Tons of detail, tons of color, tons of beauty. Check out the whole collection here. And the Tuscany piece above; and the Tuscany Hill piece below; and the Tuscan piece at the end of the post.

tapestry handmade embroidery landscape TUSCANY HILL fiber art

Wonderfully, Nerina is from Venice. It is one of my favorite places on earth. I lived there for four months while studying abroad during college and found the city and surrounding area to equally embrace tourism and deny it in the most beautiful ways. In the same manner, the city embraces and rejects the sea as it literally gets swallowed up by the water more and more each year. It's just a beautiful dichotomy to live amidst. I can only imagine what it feels like for the locals, despite their best efforts to teach me.

Have you ever lived anywhere you can't help but love passionately with every fiber of your being?

with virtual hugs,

tapestry handmade embroidery landscape TUSCAN fiber art

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