Quick Thrill

I've just joined Google+!! You can find me on G+ here. Or let me know your email address and I'll invite you (use a format that the bots can't find... like "name at gmail").

Here's my brief review:
I'm delighted by - the simplicity with no frills, the clean look, how easy it is to post stuff, how easy it is to choose who sees stuff, that you can organize a virtual conference on it as well, that it automatically puts your profile at the top of google search results for your name
I'm disappointed that - it doesn't give you a place in your profile to put links to your web presence, it's so new that many people won't join another social network, it's difficult to build a group of friends when so few people use it, you have to invite by email address rather than searching for friends who already use it

Overall: 3/5 stars with lofty potential.

with virtual hugs,

PS - I think I need new headshots, how about you? Mine are only from a year ago, but I think I look worlds different now that I've gotten out of school and spent a year in the real world...

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