Put Your Dreams Here: A DIY For Families


I ran across this image on Alexandra Keller's Pinterest today. (Apparently it was originally pinned here and found here.) Alex makes gorgeous repurposed jewelry and sells some spiffy vintage goodness as well.
Well anyway, this image inspired a wondrous idea in my mind! Why not have a family dream jar? Set up a little station (that everyone old enough to scribble can reach) for your family to record their dreams. Here's a quick step-by-step for the set up, including some great ideas to do with the dreams once they're written.

1. Find Your Spot - a space on a bookshelf works just as well as a small side table. You could even attach the necessities to an empty space on your wall if you like. Just make sure it's accessible to everyone in your family and looks inviting for the youngest - or most surly and unwilling.

2. Find A Jar - your jar size should probably depend on the age and enthusiasm of your children. If they're not even school-aged, they'll likely lose interest after a day or two of feverish dream-drawing. So you don't need that big a jar. If they're teens, you'll be lucky to get them to write a dream down at all! But if they're in elementary or middle school, you may have some eager beavers on your hands and you'll want to have a large jar prepared for them so no one's dreams get crushed as people shove more in the jar. How's that for metaphor! (Also, unlidded seems somehow more open to possiblities. I would suggest leaving the lid off your jar unless you have active animals that can get to it.)

3. Decorate Your Jar - you can do this yourself or get the kids involved. Decorate with washi tape, decoupage, stickers, or just a piece of labeled tape. Try to make it fit your family's style. Feel free to let little learners slowly write the letters!

4. Prepare Your Paper - find some colored papers. It works best if you don't use construction paper, but rather a smoother paper that is easier to write on. But you can probably use whatever without much problem. You can choose the size yourself: larger sizes for those who can't stay in the lines, smaller for older kids. I would suggest square for younger kids who may have trouble rolling the paper up. And I would suggest long strips for your older children. Leave them in a stack on the table, or in a bowl or basket... or whatever you like!

5. Cut Your Twine - cut it into five inch lengths or so. For kids who can't tie, use twisties! Those wire strips that keep your bread closed.... yes those! You can also make them yourself by gluing two strips of fabric together with a piece of wire in the center. Easy peasy.

6. Find Your Pencils - gather up an assortment of pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils, markers... whatever you trust your kids with. Add some erasers. Maybe throw in a little surprise or two (like those pens that have multiple color options you use by pushing down the tabs, shaped crayons, or scented markers).

7. Get To Dreaming! - Explain to your family how to use the dream jar. Maybe even name the dream jar. And then everyone write their first dream down together. For the youngest ones, you'll want to discuss what it means to dream and give good examples.

8. And Then... - You could read the dreams on occasion and help each other realize them.
    You could send the dreams up to God by tying them to balloons and setting them free.
    You could have a bonfire and burn your dreams, letting the ash go up to the heavens.
    You could add a bulletin board and allow everyone to post inspiring images.
    You could pull a single dream out for each family member and make that dream happen.
    You could assign a paper color to each member of your family.
    You could make a banner of your dreams each year.
    You could hang your dreams from the Christmas tree like ornaments.
    You could create a dream collage.
    You could send your dreams to relatives.
    You could spend family time reading your dreams to each other and talking about them.
    You could create an amazing vacation for your family using their dreams.

The possibilities are endless!! Just be creative, be loving, and keep dreaming.

with virtual hugs,

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