Midnight Blue and Gold Nails!

This is the coolest nail job I've seen in for*ever. That deep, midnight blue is expertly paired with a luxe gold. And it stays away from being tacky by placing the metallic strip at the base instead of the tips.

Recreate the look with matte, dark blue polish. Paint two coats. Then use metallic gold polish and a toothpick to gently swipe the polish in a crescent shape at the base of each nail. Alternatively, cut strips of metallic paper to fit and place them at the base of the nail while the paint is still a little wet. No matter which method you choose, add a clear top coat over the metallic portion and just into the blue to keep it from chipping or falling off.

Found at Alexandra Keller's Pinterest; originally pinned by Krys Cruz.

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  1. Looks fantastic. Better than when I tried to do it.


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