Lessons Learned

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I've learned a lesson today. It's not proverb-type wisdom.... but it's definitely sound advice.

Write the angry email, wait an hour, and then rewrite it before you send it.

Bear with me; this one's long. But you'll feel inspired after you read it!

What Happened
So let's back up... A wonderful woman who is in the place in her career that I hope to be in a few years offered to work with me on something. I didn't expect it at all, so I was at like eighty times my normal excitement level! I sent her a happy acceptance email and didn't hear a word from her. I figured she was too busy and successful to respond right away.

I sent her a couple more emails with no response, even after our supposed start date. I was confused and kept re-reading her original email to make sure she really said she'd like to work with me. I even checked my sent mail to make sure I sent her an acceptance. Everything looked perfect, expect she wasn't talking to me.

And Then...
So today, I went to write a final message. And I was angry. I felt her actions were such awful business practice. If she didn't want to work with me, she could just say so. Or she could even make up an excuse if she didn't want me to feel rejected. My email this morning was something like this:

yada yada I can't believe you haven't contacted me. yada yada yada I wish you wouldn't have even told me we could work together if you weren't going to follow through. blah blah blah This is horrible business practice. How do you expect to work with people if you treat them like this. etc etc...

I hit send.

Within five minutes I got a frustrated response from her saying she had sent an email (I apparently never received) a few weeks ago. Her servers had been hacked and a lot of information had been deleted. She was working as fast as she possibly could to get her business back in order before she could continue with planned projects like ours. She seemed so upset that I would think the worst of her.

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I didn't know what was going on in her life or in her head. And I can guarantee you it was ten times more stressful than I imagined. I should have been more gentle when writing to her. I should have anticipated that my instincts about her as a person were right, not what I thought my experience was telling me. In fact, I should have thought positively. I should have assumed that this amazing woman meant only good (and she did). And if I had waited an hour before sending that email, I probably would have.

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And now I've learned my three business lessons:

1. Take my time.
2. Be gentle.
3. Think positively.

With love and care,

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