Help! Donut Craving!

Years ago, as a child, my brother and I would go to the grocery store with my mom. As we passed the bakery, she'd sweetly let us grab a donut each. And when I was in elementary school, I always chose the cinnamon sugar "twisty donut". It was a yummy, braided donut. No icing, just a heavy sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar all over. And the texture was perfect.

Now, for about a week I've been having cravings for this particular donut. And alas! It's nowhere to be found. I checked our local Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts stores. I've checked our grocery store. We've just moved here, so now I'm trying to find local bakeries that might have one.

Help! Where do I go for this delightful donut?!

I'm going to take a moment to explain the difference between cake donuts and donut-donuts. Heck, even though they mean the same thing I'll call one "donuts" and the other "doughnuts" for clarity.

On the left, you have a cake donut. It's crumbly and dense, as you can see. It tastes thicker and denser than most cakes, actually. Most donuts at Dunkin Donuts are cake. You can get them un-iced as well and they're decent, as long as they're not too dry. But iced cake donuts tend to be sickeningly sweet, in my opinion.

Now on the right, you have the most amazing airy texture... a yeast-raised doughnut. That's the "beigne-style" from Europe. It's my preference, as I'm sure you can tell already. It won't crumble. It's lighter and if you press on it, it will depress a lot more than a cake donut. Sometimes they're hard to hold because of this. And you'll never see a beigne without icing of some sort. These are the doughnuts you'll find at Krispy Kreme, by the way. The base doughnut is sweeter and tangier than a cake donut's base.

The beigne is what I'm looking for here though. A yummy, preferably twisted but I'm not getting greedy here, covered in cinnamon and sugar... beigne doughnut! Does anyone know where to find one? Let me know as soon as you can... the craving is getting too intense!

with virtual hugs,

PS - images in order come from Asvadha, TiaraFly, and RVO Info Central.

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