Pink and Blue Golden Key Drop Earrings

UPDATE: The winner is fan Brittni Michele Shambaugh!! She responded within about three minutes of me writing her, which I find just adorable. Hooray for Brittni! She picked out the key dangles above and will receive them in the mail in a couple days. If you feel like you missed out, just pop over to my facebook page and become a fan. There will be more discounts and giveaways soon! Yay!!

I'm doing a giveaway for my shop, 604 Jewelry! The winner can pick from the following:
Pink and Blue Golden Key Dangles (above)
Naturally Patterned Seashell Ring (at post end)
Anything in the satin ribbon collection - 1, 2, 3, 4 (below)

Lavender Satin Ribbon and Gold Chain Necklace

To enter, simply Like 604 Jewelry on Facebook. I'll pick one fan to win on Monday, July 4th! That's this Monday, so hurry hurry!

Naturally Patterned Seashell Ring - Adjustable Gold Brass Base

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