Fashion Photography for Indiepreneurs: On Location

SALE coffee and cream dress ready to ship size small

The trick to this strategy is creating a mood that evokes emotion... and specifically an emotion people want to have. Seek out a special place to shoot. It doesn't have to be something most people think is "beautiful" per se. It just has to be interesting. And really only a little part of it needs to be interesting. Just enough that you can frame your model/garment. I love how Kasey of kay em kay has done this with the Coffee and Cream Dress ($94). She chose a place with lots of character and then added in a boy and some balloons, and softened the colors a little. She's created an irresistible feeling of burgeoning romance.

Full Circle Polka Dot Skirt and Petticoat Combo---------Custom Sized

You can also create familiarity, which becomes utterly enticing. Who wouldn't want to jump into the fifties with this couple? And all it took was a great prop (the car), a boy in a tee shirt, and some smart hair and makeup! You can get that color tone when you edit, making the image look older and more nostalgic. I just love Diane-Marie of Miss Brache photographs the Full Circle Polka Dot Skirt ($189).

Beach Ponchos Fabulous Sparkling Blue Green Beach Poncho Cover Up

And of course your location can evoke coveted emotions like Josephine of Beach Ponchos has photographed their Fabulous Sparkling Blue Green Beach Poncho ($50). In this image, you get a sense of freedom, lust, play, adventure.... these are all things customers want and you can give it to them simply by putting your clothes in the right location. Think about what emotions your garment evokes and how you can intensify those. What places can help create that feeling? Pay attention when you're driving around town too! The graffiti you pass every day on your way to work or your kid's school could be the perfect backdrop to your architectural blouse or urban-inspired pants.

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