Fashion Photography for Indiepreneurs: Style Down

Little black lace dress couture

And now let me completely contradict everything I said yesterday with today's tip: style down. Both methods are useful to achieve different looks. Try taking pictures both ways and deciding which fits your brand and your demographic if you're not sure what to go with initially.

So styling down is pretty great. It's a lot less stress because there are fewer pieces to worry about. And it creates a really beautiful simplicity that allows your garment to shine. I love how Tatiana of TZain has styled down when photographing Little Black Lace Dress ($185). Sometimes all you need is a bracelet and some red lipstick. Try picking one or two little things to accessorize with that will make the outfit come together.

Polka dots skirt............................ Cotton chiffon airy skirt......................... Sale (usual price is 99.-)

Or you can let your set be the accessory! All Jenia of Jen Fashion needed for her Polka Dots Skirt ($69) was a simple top and shoes and this great painted arrow on the road. The skirt is definitely the star here, but there is enough going on to make it interesting and a customer can definitely see what they would wear with the skirt.

Summer tank top  cream

But my favorite way to style down is to use only the necessities. You don't really need anything to make your beautiful clothing shine, do you? It shines on its own. So take those pants and put a simple black tank on them. Give you model neutral makeup and watch the garment speak for itself. I love how Yael of Andy Ve Eirn masterfully accomplishes this with the Summer Tank Top ($95). Simple, beautiful, and sexy. Who wouldn't want to copy the look?!

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