Fashion Photography for Indiepreneurs: Styling Up

Puffins Circle Scarf in Youthful Sage

Here's a trick few people use to highlight their clothing: styling up. Giving your garment a lot of other garments and accessories to play off of is a technique that allows your customers to imagine your product in their wardrobe (or an ideal wardrobe at least). That makes your item way more appealing.

See how Yokoo of Yokoo has done it with this Puffins Circle Scarf ($50)? Adding a hat and giant scissors on top of the clothing might seem like a lot, but it really helps pull the outfit together into a statement, which is typically much more appealing than just seeing the product itself.

Wrap Dress made from Neck Ties

Jewelry can really change which demographic you'll find success with. Take a tip from Tatterdamelion in her Wrap Dress Made From Neckties ($275) photograph. She chose bright, eclectic jewelry that makes a bold statement. This helps cement her product in the niche she's looking for. It gives a unique, quirky vibe and attracts all the right customers!

The Lion

Hair can transform an outfit. We all know this from our regular lives. But it works on a whole new level with fashion photography. Try to match the model's hair to the style of your garment and your location, just like Natasha of Temna Fialka has done with The Lion ($1,000). This makes your pieces look more high-end because they're editorial shots... they look just like they came out of a magazine! And that allows you to charge more and still make sales!

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