Fashion Photography for Indiepreneurs: Shape

Pheasant Tale fashion Headpiece

As part of our Fashion Photography week of tips for indiepreneurs, today we're talking about shape. If you take your photographs against a plain background (unlike yesterday's images), then you'll need to pay attention to the shapes you're making. The negative space (the background showing from behind the product and model) is incredibly important and can really highlight the artistic quality of your garment.

Like this Pheasant Tale Fashion Headpiece ($169) photographed by Arturo of Arturo Rios. Since the product is so dependent on shape, movement, and direction, it looks amazing with a neutral background allowing it the edges of the piece to shine. And that gives it the perfect shape!

Vintage Honey In Lavender And Periwinkle  Eco Love dress

Another trick is to let the shape soar! If you have an item that looks great when you twirl, jump, run, or move.... then do it! Have your model hold the skirt out or get her dance on! Let the item move if that's when it shines the most. Just be certain your camera is set to accomodate the action. Many digital cameras have self-explanatory settings for this, but if you can't figure it out just make your shutter speed faster in the manual settings.

I love how Leah of White Romance got her model moving while photographing Vintage Honey Eco Love Dress ($105). It makes me want to walk in a field wearing that dress, just like the model!

Black polish sexy jacket

And my last tip today is another one for your model! If your piece has great shape but it's mostly in one spot, have your model put the focus on that body part. Like the way Ella of Ella Lai did with her Black Polish Sexy Jacket ($119). The shape is mostly in the shoulders, so she had her model cock her shoulder a bit to  direct our eyes to it. It's a very subtle technique that most viewers don't notice, but really draws their attention. So it's the perfect way to sell a special garment! This technique works with pockets, hips, the chest, arms, legs, feet..... anything. Just get creative!

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