Fashion Photography for Indiepreneurs Blog Week!

Alchemy Dress - light grey

This week I'm talking about taking amazing photographs of fashion designs. I know many of you are indiepreneurs (solo designers starting a business to sell their creations on their own) and I think this series will give you some good advice about taking the perfect photos! While I'm focusing on fashion photography this week, most of the advice is helpful to almost any product you're hoping to sell... so pay attention! haha!

Today is all about light. The most important part of getting a good photograph is finding the right light. And the absolute best light you can find is outside. Try to schedule your shoot in the daylight, but not between 10am and 2pm. The light is harshest in those hours and can create bad shadows, glare, and bright spots. You want to get the softer light as the sun comes up and goes down. And be sure to go out early enough that you'll finish before that hard light comes or before darkness sets in. I think 7am or 3pm are perfect times to get a lot of light.

You'll notice how great Melanie of Device did with this Alchemy Dress ($138) above.

RESERVED - SILK Georgette Ethereal Water Dress - by RawHemline on etsy

Another great way of using the light is shooting just as the sun goes down. This can create very warm colors in your image and the light can be manipulated to highlight certain aspects of your garment. Holly of Raw Hemline photographed this amazing Silk Georgette Ethereal Water Dress ($225). I love the way the model turns away from the light here, allowing the sun to hit the beautiful detailing on her left shoulder. It lets the shadows fall into the lower portion of the floral components so you can see a lot of depth.

Head In The Clouds

And for our last tip on lighting: don't forget that you can adjust the coloring in your photo editor. Make sure you get plenty of light when taking the photograph so you have more flexibility when you edit, but don't worry too much about the colors and lighting be absolutely perfect. You can fix that the way you want it during the editing process. Make sure you learn your photo editor! Copy the file of your favorite image and use the copy to play to your heart's content. If you mess up the photo, just delete it and start again with a new copy of your original!

See, Corina of Wild and Free probably didn't take this picture of Head In The Clouds ($22) exactly with that greenish hue and post it online. Most likely she had an editing process that created the color tone she wanted. And that can be very useful for branding.

Take a lesson from these indiepreneurs (just like you!) and use your light to create those perfect, stunning photographs you covet!

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