Back From Vacation!!

We just got back last night from a whirlwind "vacation" of visiting both our families. Just before we left, my new swimsuit arrived! It's the Cosabella Mare Sol One Piece (above), but I got it in a lovely "linen" color, which is basically just a dirty white. It makes me look rather sexy, incredibly. What I'm most excited about is that the suit retails for $135, but I got it from ideeli for just $49! That's quite the bargain, no? So I took the suit with me on our trip...

We started with four days on the Boy's parents' boat just two hours away in North Carolina. But four days on a boat with your boyfriend's parents can be a long time... luckily, I get along well with them! And I started to sport a bit of a tan. Well, I mean I lost my ghostliness. I was happy to see that my new swimsuit was not see through after we anchored and took a dip to cool off. It was a teensy worry in the back of my mind.

And after four days, we set out on the five hour drive to my parents' house in South Carolina. It's always nice to go back to the house I lived in for thirteen years plus college, but so strange. It's always different and reminds me, sadly, that I'll never be able to go back. I do feel so fortunate to be happy, though. I love my life, so I don't mind too much that I can't go back to my happy childhood.

At my parents', I spent loads of time with the family. My uncle and cousin were in from California and I hadn't seen them in three years. Just hours after we arrived, everyone showed up at our house for a big meal. And all the little children swarmed me, which is equally fun and stressful! My cousin is 9, my niece is 4, and my nephew will be 2 in a week or so. The next day, the same crew took to the seas in my grandfather's "party boat", which is really just a little pontoon boat with a motor. And then we switched gears and spent time with my uncle, cousin, and alternately my grandmother and grandfather (they've been divorced since my mom was a kid). That means lots of time at the beach (as my parents live on an island).

This suit served me well as I tanned quite a bit and only burned because I forgot my *ahem* backside where the suit didn't quite cover! I did well and got to spend so much quality time with people I love. It was a joy! And now we are finally back at home and I'm (slowly) catching up on work and reading and all sorts of things that got forgotten amidst the fun.

What are you doing this summer to take a break and spend time with the people who mean the most? Are you stuck without them and pining for some quality time? I'd love to hear your experiences too.

with virtual hugs,

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