Artist Crush: Photographer Jenny Flanders Estep

Flames - 8x10 Fine Art Nature Photograph - Abstract Dahlia Closeup - IN STOCK

Jenny is a wonderful person. I had seen her a few times in the Etsy forums, but never interacted with her until today. This wonderful woman took the time out to check my shop's source code.... and to find the link to my other shop and check its source code as well... and then to explain to me how to fix the problem I had.

That's so giving and wonderful! I was very thankful, but assumed it would end there. On a whim, I clicked on her shop, Flandersfield Photography... and found the most beautiful photographs. My favorite is Flames (above, available in a range of sizes and prices) which is a close up of a real flower. It looks so painterly and flows like a ballerina! I adore it!

So since I absolutely love it and truly believe in the pay-it-forward mentality, I think this makes the perfect feature for Let The Real World Begin. Don't you agree? Who's your favorite photographer?

with virtual hugs,

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