Making A Difference With Shoes

I love these gorgeous Sseko Sandals (the Starboard pattern is shown above and at the end of the post... in honor of the upcoming American Independence Day). Love. First off, they come in five different patterns and six different solids... that's a lot of choices for one pair of shoes. They're also super-versatile because there are five anchor points to loop your straps though. So you get all these options:

So far, that's a bazillion ways to pick your favorite new sandal, what with all the colors and tying options. Add in that the business gives hope to Ugandan women by employing them in the standard nine-month period their culture has between secondary school and university. This helps them earn money for future education and catapults them toward being successful (and employed!) leaders in their community. Read about the women and see their beautiful smiling faces here.

I love how this company beautifully marries a for-profit business with a non-profit mindset. They understand how important it is to help others in need and they have real vision about how to make long-term changes with their help. They are able to help individuals who commonly suffer in poverty to raise to a sustainable monthly income, while aiding in the betterment of Uganda's economy. Wow!

Now that's making a difference!

Starboard Sandal

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