Head To Toe: Peacock

Jade - Feather headband

Got an event that's calling out for major wow-factor fashion? Worried you won't find anything to wear? My trick is dressing Head To Toe. I've chosen to go peacock for today's Head To Toe. The Jade Feather Headband ($19) at Live In Style is perfect for topping your look. This Peacock Cocktail Dress ($399) handmade by Veronica Reis is absolutely gorgeous for your main piece.

Peacock cocktail dress by Veronica Reis available in sizes 2-14

And so things don't get too matchy-matchy, you'll want to throw the color off a bit with your accessory. I say go for these Mohawk Black Feather Shoe Cuffs ($49) at J. Dot Designs, which still fit the vibe of your ensemble because of the feathers. Throw in a black bracelet or chunky ring to tie it altogether and you'll be set for the soiree!

MOHAWK Black Feather Shoe Cuff with Animal Print

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