Decorating with Whimsy

fancy chandelier in white

Ever look around your home and think it's boring, fussy, or just too adult? Your place just needs a little whimsy. It's really a quick fix, actually. Here are some easy ways to do it handmade for under $60.

Above, the Fancy Chandelier in White ($56) by Uncommon is made of wood. It's a pretty alternative to expensive, ornate chandeliers that make a room look overworked and more like a show room than a home. Take a look around the shop for some other fantastic whimsical home decor. I particularly like the coasters and faux flowers; they've been in my favorites list for ages!

Kte Pillow Cover - 12x20

Above, the Kite Pillow Cover ($40) by Sukan is just about the speediest fix for your home available. Throw it on your couch and watch the room transform! Ok, so it's not *that* big of a change... but it definitely makes the vibe a little more fun. Promise. And take a look at that shop too! Every pillow cover in there is colorful, with just enough child-like fun.

Below, the Jellyfish Print ($20) by Cathy McMurray will brighten up your wall and help bring some joyful focus to your decor. Art is one of the easiest ways to change the mood of a room. Just purchase a few prints in different styles, but the same size. Then switch them in and out of the frame as often as you like! And I sound like a broken record, but truly you must check out Cathy's store as well! Her art is so fanciful and active. Your eye is continually finding new aspects of the piece to look at. It's brilliant!

Jellyfish, print

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