1000 Awesome Things

So this website has been going strong for three years now (their birthday was Tuesday) with two books out, an iPhone app, countless recognitions from places like CNN, BBC, and NPR, and even a Webby Award! But still, 1000 Awesome Things is - well - awesome. It's a little ray of sunshine in my day, reminding me to embrace the beautiful little things in life that keep me happy. Yesterday's awesome thing (#215) was when it's sunny and raining at the same time. I really loved the birthday post, #218, drinking from the hose. And the first post (#1000 Broccoflower) was funny and a bit clever... and totally made me smile.

And you should read The Top 1000 summary with links to every post... or at least read some of the comments at the end. They're really funny for all sorts of reasons - because people are really funny for all sorts of reasons.

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