Making A Difference With Shoes

I love these gorgeous Sseko Sandals (the Starboard pattern is shown above and at the end of the post... in honor of the upcoming American Independence Day). Love. First off, they come in five different patterns and six different solids... that's a lot of choices for one pair of shoes. They're also super-versatile because there are five anchor points to loop your straps though. So you get all these options:

So far, that's a bazillion ways to pick your favorite new sandal, what with all the colors and tying options. Add in that the business gives hope to Ugandan women by employing them in the standard nine-month period their culture has between secondary school and university. This helps them earn money for future education and catapults them toward being successful (and employed!) leaders in their community. Read about the women and see their beautiful smiling faces here.

I love how this company beautifully marries a for-profit business with a non-profit mindset. They understand how important it is to help others in need and they have real vision about how to make long-term changes with their help. They are able to help individuals who commonly suffer in poverty to raise to a sustainable monthly income, while aiding in the betterment of Uganda's economy. Wow!

Now that's making a difference!

Starboard Sandal


Free Fonts!

Get 25 free fonts that are almost all really cool and fairly unique over at my life in lowercase. She posted them a couple months ago, but I just now ran across them via Pinterest (I couldn't find the post! But I'll update if I see it again!). See how great that site is?! It brings me all the great stuff I've missed!


1000 Awesome Things

So this website has been going strong for three years now (their birthday was Tuesday) with two books out, an iPhone app, countless recognitions from places like CNN, BBC, and NPR, and even a Webby Award! But still, 1000 Awesome Things is - well - awesome. It's a little ray of sunshine in my day, reminding me to embrace the beautiful little things in life that keep me happy. Yesterday's awesome thing (#215) was when it's sunny and raining at the same time. I really loved the birthday post, #218, drinking from the hose. And the first post (#1000 Broccoflower) was funny and a bit clever... and totally made me smile.

And you should read The Top 1000 summary with links to every post... or at least read some of the comments at the end. They're really funny for all sorts of reasons - because people are really funny for all sorts of reasons.


Display Piece: Antique Navigational Tool

This Bronze Pocket Sextant ($60) at Wall Street Creations is awesome. While it's not technically antique or vintage, it is modeled after a 19th century Victorian tool. It's almost all bronze so it would look absolutely gorgeous on a mantel or in a vignette. It would be perfectly at home on a bookshelf or in a study, actually. Plus, it's kind of fun to play with!

Soft and Pretty

Champagne Chiffon Clutch - Large

The handmade chiffon clutches from Heidi Creations are so pretty, delicate, and gentle looking. I want to scoop up this girly Large Champagne Chiffon Clutch ($110) for my next night out.


Giving the Sartorialist a Twist

I'm enamored with this new website, The Sartorial-twist. Deeming itself "a random fashion generator", this site culls graphic segments from the famous Sartorialist blog and mashes them together like those paper dress up games you used to play as a kid.

Some of the combinations are a bit rough, but one click instantly gives you a new outfit mashup. And they're actually kind of cute around a third of the time. At any rate, they make you rethink street fashion a little and can be rather inspiring.

Quick Thrill: When Should I Tweet?


This awesome new website When To Tweet? will tell you when most of your followers are going to be around to see your posts! It's super-easy, just type your twitter name in the box and hit the button. It will give you a graph of the peak times your followers are on Twitter so you can see just how much better it is to tweet at 6:30 than 7:30.


Essential Kitchen Mixing/Serving Bowls

Cool Tones Nesting Bowls

What I love most about these Cool Tones Nesting Bowls ($57 for a set of three) and all the bowls in Karin Lorenc's shop is that they're so multipurpose! Use them for mixing when you're making your favorite foods; use them for serving when you've got guests over; fill the small one with big blooms and use it as a centerpiece; even use them for picking berries in the garden or as a pretty pet bowl! The possibilities are crazy-endless, and I love that.


Head To Toe: Peacock

Jade - Feather headband

Got an event that's calling out for major wow-factor fashion? Worried you won't find anything to wear? My trick is dressing Head To Toe. I've chosen to go peacock for today's Head To Toe. The Jade Feather Headband ($19) at Live In Style is perfect for topping your look. This Peacock Cocktail Dress ($399) handmade by Veronica Reis is absolutely gorgeous for your main piece.

Peacock cocktail dress by Veronica Reis available in sizes 2-14

And so things don't get too matchy-matchy, you'll want to throw the color off a bit with your accessory. I say go for these Mohawk Black Feather Shoe Cuffs ($49) at J. Dot Designs, which still fit the vibe of your ensemble because of the feathers. Throw in a black bracelet or chunky ring to tie it altogether and you'll be set for the soiree!

MOHAWK Black Feather Shoe Cuff with Animal Print


Foral Hanging Party Decor

Handmade Origami Paper Flower Ball, Origami Kusudama in Modern Yellow Gray and White, Bright and Daisy

Imagine twenty of these hanging above the table at your next soiree! Gorgeous. These Handmade Origami Paper Flower Balls ($46) by Paper Square are so fun for a party. I'd love to offer them as gifts for the attendees, sending each home with one of them straight off the ceiling!


The Move is Finally Over!

Image of Little Women Mug

So we've finally finished our move, I've gotten caught up on my day job, and I've gotten (mostly) caught up with my clients. There are a trillion boxes strewn about my new apartment, but I'm excited to divert my attention from that for some more joyous eye candy!

I'm crushing on the gorgeous work of London artist Mary Kilvert Illustration. My favorites are her Little Women Mug (£12) above, the Town Houses Wallpaper (160) below, and the Colourful Sheep Fine Art Print (25) closing the post.

Image of Town Houses Wallpaper

Image of Colourful Sheep Fine Art Print


The Big Move: An Escape

wewood CRONO beige

So we've been packing for two days and are almost done! Tomorrow's the big push for everything to be in boxes. Then Sunday we'll focus on cleaning as much as possible until the movers come (yes! we found affordable movers! If you're in NC and need some good/cheap ones, let me know and I'll fill you in on how they did after Monday.) and hopefully not have to do too much after dinner. We'll spend Sunday night at the Boy's parents' house and then early Monday morning we'll make the drive and move into our new place! Hooray!

In the meantime, I'm so sick of packing that I had to eat a piece of chocolate (ok... four pieces of chocolate!) and relax with some natural-hued fab finds. Above, the Crono Watch in Beige ($139) from WeWood is hitting the top of my list today! I need a pretty watch and this one's made of natural wood and completely free of toxic chemicals if you worry about that sort of thing. Oh, and it's apparently hypo-allergenic. Are most watches not? Anyway, I love it!

And below is The Madly Leather Backback ($450) by Steven Alan. It's positively lustful. Of course, there's no chance of me ever affording this one. But it's just too pretty to look at! I'll also go ahead and note here that I found both of these amazing pieces in an article on great guy gifts (seriously, these are awesome girl gifts! What were they thinking?!) from Refinery 29.

The Madly Leather Backpack

Beige trench coat J026

And last but not least, this Beige Trench Coat ($69) by July S is handmade from chiffon. So delicate and chic! I love the pretty layers and the classic shape.
Now that's a break from the horrors of moving!


The Most Dramatic Coverup

I'm so obsessed with this drop-dead gorgeous Grand Coast Cover-Up ($350, originally $648) at Anthropologie. If you've got the cash, this one's an extra 25% off at checkout!! It's pretty enough to be a dress, but you'd have to get it sewn closed in the front. Since I can't afford it, will one of you buy it so I can live vicariously through you? Please, please, please!


Decorating with Whimsy

fancy chandelier in white

Ever look around your home and think it's boring, fussy, or just too adult? Your place just needs a little whimsy. It's really a quick fix, actually. Here are some easy ways to do it handmade for under $60.

Above, the Fancy Chandelier in White ($56) by Uncommon is made of wood. It's a pretty alternative to expensive, ornate chandeliers that make a room look overworked and more like a show room than a home. Take a look around the shop for some other fantastic whimsical home decor. I particularly like the coasters and faux flowers; they've been in my favorites list for ages!

Kte Pillow Cover - 12x20

Above, the Kite Pillow Cover ($40) by Sukan is just about the speediest fix for your home available. Throw it on your couch and watch the room transform! Ok, so it's not *that* big of a change... but it definitely makes the vibe a little more fun. Promise. And take a look at that shop too! Every pillow cover in there is colorful, with just enough child-like fun.

Below, the Jellyfish Print ($20) by Cathy McMurray will brighten up your wall and help bring some joyful focus to your decor. Art is one of the easiest ways to change the mood of a room. Just purchase a few prints in different styles, but the same size. Then switch them in and out of the frame as often as you like! And I sound like a broken record, but truly you must check out Cathy's store as well! Her art is so fanciful and active. Your eye is continually finding new aspects of the piece to look at. It's brilliant!

Jellyfish, print



If you have yet to discover Pinterest, I feel for you. You're truly missing out on an amazing place to discover cool inspirations like DIYs, recipes, outfits, home decor, photography, even handsome men to stare at! Away for a week for my day job, I didn't have a moment to spend pinning. And boy did I miss it! And this week, my focus is on packing up our apartment for the big move. So I'm going through Pinterest withdrawal!

Will you spend some time on there for me? Tag me with @laurageorge if you think I'd like one of your pins! And in the meantime, take a look at my pin boards. They're a great place to find a lot of the cool things around the web that I don't end up posting on here!

*Image: Toilet Paper Roll Art, pinned here.