Decorating in the Details

Gilded Mahogany Bowl

When it comes to decorating, I'm convinced that once you've got your one or two big things for the room (ie couch and coffee table in the living room), everything else is in the details. Sure, you could grab a couple random coffee table books and a vase of flowers and that table would be done. Or, you could meticulously pick out the perfect books to go with you and your family's interests. And you could comb through hundreds of vases until you find that one that vaguely mimics the lines of the side of your couch. And that's what makes your place special instead of just decorated.

This Gilded Mahogany Bowl ($100) by Handcrafted Humidors is decorating in the details at its finest. That carefully attained patina is made by placing layers and layers of copper leaf and acid over and over the fine mahogany wood. Even after that amazing patina is created, it must be finished with several sealing layers and then buffed gently until it reveals an immaculate shine. Let us not forget that the shape is stunning and rather unique, and the bowl looks great on its own or filled with short, bushy blooms.

Go forth, my darlings! Decorate your home in the details!

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