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Outside of handwritten thank you note

If you're anything like me, you procrastinate thank you notes to the point that you finally figure it's too late and would be better if you didn't do them at all (by the way, according to the manners experts, it's not). Eliminate this problem by paying someone to do it for you.

Handwritten Thank You Note Printed By a Guy

At $3 a letter, Thank Thank will handwrite (in your choice of legible print or script from a guy or girl's hand) your thank you note, address it and stamp it, and send it off at the post office. At your request, you can also send them your own note cards to write on. Or you can get any manner of other handwritten notes, like a birthday or sympathy card.

Currently, it's also free to have the notes sent to you in a large envelope so you can open the envelope and drop all the notes in your mailbox so they're post-marked from your own town. That's if you're being super-sneaky about it.... You can include a gift card or ask for a designated staffer to be your note-writer so the handwriting is the same every time.

Most orders go out within 24 hours and all you have to do is fill out a quick address form and what your note should say (they'll even help with this part if you're having trouble!). What are you waiting for?

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