Rain, Rain, Go Away

Made to Order Custom Soft Leather Winter Mukluks in a Variety of Color/Style Options

Honestly, I love the rain. But rainy days are good for curling up on the couch with a good movie and a pint of my favorite ice cream (my favorite typically being an expensive chocolate variety). On a particularly wet day, I can finish the whole pint. But anyway, these are some lovely rainy-weather favorites from Etsy.

Above: Custom Winter Mukluks ($475) by Spiro Creations. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but these yellow ones are my favorite. They're handmade with a super-soft leather and keep your feet really warm. Do remember that the material isn't waterproof, but you can seal them with one of those sprays so you can wear them through puddles.
Below: Wall Mount Test Tube Vases ($28 each) by Pigeon Toe Ceramics. These are adorable along your wall to bring the blooms in before they're waterlogged.

Wall Mount Test Tube Vase

Take-away necklace pendant 026 ( watering can, terrarium, moss, antique, unique piece, green look, nature, living )

Above: Take Away Necklace ($37) by Lili Funambule. This teensy moss terrarium can be carried anywhere you like.
Below: TimB Striped Jean Jacket ($255) by Reddoll. This coat will withstand a light drizzle and looks utterly fashion-forward amidst all the tan trenchcoats.

The TimB Striped Jean Jacket

Moss Green Tin Watering Can - 10% off - garden - cottage - Mother's Day

Above: Moss Green Tin Watering Can ($16) by Six Miles Cottage. A watering can is a must for spring! I like to use one to collect rainwater and save it for the plants on dry days.
Below: Fairydoor Series ($17) by Gingerlillytea. This beautiful photograph is part of a 3 photo series that would look great in a muck room, gardening shed, or even inside for a reminder of those beautiful rainy days.

Fairydoor Series

And those are my rainy day finds! Do you have any rainy traditions like my ice cream movie days?

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