Measuring Up

Do you find yourself obsessing over that teensy bit of fat peeking over your jeans? Well it's time for me to admit to you that I do, especially when it's more than a "teensy bit". My weight tends to be most stressful when my clothes don't fit well. I'm betting it's the same for a lot of you.

Well, I read an article today about the way different clothing designers size their clothing. You can find it here. And guess what? It's not all about that one number. A size 6 at one store could be completely different at another store. So let's put away our measuring tape (and our scale for that matter!). Let's focus on the beautiful parts of our body. Let's worry about eating healthy and feeling good. Let's remember to treat ourselves every once in a while.

I found a few delightful measuring tape reuses for you all to try! Plus, they're pretty adorable even if you don't need to find a new place for your measuring tape. Above, pinned by Lia Fagan. Below, pinned by Kelly Rachel. (Follow me on Pinterest if you like.)

Below, Christian Louboutin Measuring Tape Sandal ($795) via Neiman Marcus, pinned by Yahaira.

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