Drawer Pulls: Part 2

Faceted Drawer Pull

These Faceted Drawer Pulls ($24 each, 6 for $130) by Pigeon Toe Ceramics have been all over the blogs and Etsy's treasury lists and emails. And I love the modern feel they'd give my dark wood, traditional style dresser!

Vintage Inspired Typography cabinet knob

I think these Vintage-Inspired Typography Cabinet Knobs ($12 for 2) by Vintage Skye would be too shabby chic for me, so I'm crossing them off the list as well. But these Numbered Stamped Knobs ($18 for 3) below are from the same shop, much more modern, and really well-priced! You can choose your numbers, too. They also offer letters for the same price and you can choose those too.

Numbered Stamped Knobs Drawer Pulls

Satin Nickel Cabinet Knob, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1-7 (Drawer Pull)

If I don't go with those, I might do a little Alice In Wonderland thing and go with these Adventures in Wonderland Drawer Pulls ($7.50 each) by Button Bistro. There are several images available and I'd round out the collection with the odd creatures at Monkey Shines' shop, like this Brushed Nickel Octopus Drawer Pull ($8 each) or the other Brushed Nickel Octopus Drawer Pull ($8 each) with a different image.

Watch out for the final installment of my Etsy Drawer Pulls search later today!

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