Drawer Pulls: Part 1

Recycled Glass Stone Cabinet Knob Drawer Pulls

So now that the Boy and I know where we're moving, only two hours away, we're making decisions on what furniture we'll keep and what we'll thrift for once we get there. I'm thinking we'll keep most of it, even though there are a couple pieces I'd really like to get rid of. It's very hodge podge since this was our first place and neither of us had a job when we moved in.

Anyway, we've decided to keep the long, dark wood dresser in my bedroom. It's got a lot of storage and it's in pretty good condition. But I've been dying to switch out the drawer pulls. It's a simple solution that will really update the piece and make it look "finished". I'm lost in drawer pull land, but here's what I've garnered from Etsy, though I may end up going the Anthropologie route because I can't help myself.

The top pulls are Recycled Glass Stone Cabinet Knobs ($20 each) by Beachy Rustica. They also have some great Quartz Crystal Drawer Pulls, but they're $98 each so they're sky rocketing out of my price range. The Amethyst Crystal Knobs ($24) each in this shop are a close second, but I'd really like something that brightens up the dresser in contrast.

Stone knobs , handles, drawer pulls

I'm tempted to get these Stone Knobs ($12 each, discounts for multiples) by Maine Rock Guy. I love that each one is different, but they all clearly fit together. And I think it would take my room in a direction (it's currently directionless) once we move and I start decorating. That shop also has some other pretty rock decor you should check out.

cabinet hardware - antler - hand wrought iron

The only reason these Antler Cabinet Hardware with Hand Wrought Iron Pulls ($160 for 8) by Gone To Seed are off my list is because they're double pulls and our dresser only has single pulls... sigh. I really love these. But when I think about it, I really don't want the room headed to Rustic Cabin Chic that fast. I'd like it a little more modern. So crossing these off...

2 Antler Drawer Knobs

So for a single pull, I would go with these Antler Drawer Knobs ($28 for 2) by Antler Stuff in a cool ring-pull style... but again, the Rustic Cabin Chic look isn't calling my name.

Stay tuned for the next installment, featuring a lot of clean, white, pretty knobs... tomorrow!

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