Quick Thrill: Gorgeous Recycled Dress

This pretty pink dress is so beautiful! Guess what? It's made of soda tabs! Almost 4000 soda tabs, actually. And 400 yards of ribbon. That's a lot of ribbon. But the result is just beautiful!

Found via Craftzine.


Playsuit Paradise

Well, it has been decreed by The Boy that I may no longer wear rompers because they are "weird looking". Did that make me laugh out loud? Yes. Did it make me mourn that I can only wear my onesies when I'm out of town? Super-yes. But it also made me go searching for more rompers to spread around the world since I won't be wearing them so much anymore.

Above, the Eiko Romper Coral ($84) at Moxsie. Below, the Pickford Onesie in Lilac ($160) by Alexandra Grecco.

The Pickford Onesie - Lilac

Above, the Harper Playsuit ($130) at Allsaints Spitalfields. Below, the Knit Floral Jumper ($21) at Love Culture.

Above, Gina De Silva Romper ($280) at Plum Style. Below, Ecote Tie-Back Strapless Romper ($49) at Urban Outfitters.