You Were Always On My Mind

Willie Pillow

Willie Nelson is always the Boy's way of catching the missing patches of my musical education. For some reason, I imagine him having a deeper voice than he does and dread that question, "Laura, who's this?" when I don't know what CD is in. The Boy likes to ask the question when it is Willie Nelson and when he thinks I'll think it's Willie, but it's not. I'll tentatively say his name... but I'm usually wrong.

Willie Nelson

In spite of this, I do like Willie Nelson's music quite a bit. I just don't usually know it's him until someone says. I love that when I'm thinking about something specific, like Mr. Nelson, I can pop over to Etsy and find a few (tasteful) things to whet my apetite on the shopping level. If I just did a Google search, I'd be lost in overwhelming results that are mostly junky fanfare.

always on my mind

But a little trip to Etsy does the trick for beautiful pieces that reference almost anything I want. Including Willie Nelson.

Image 1: Willie Pillow ($100) by Spruce Home
Image 2: Willie Nelson charcoal print ($20) by Profound Portraits
Image 3: Always On My Mind ($20) by Thank Goodness

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