Stacks of Fabric

I am swooning over stacks of fabric lately. The neatly folded textiles are calling out to me for reasons I honestly can't explain. Got any ideas? Either way, I'm in love.

Linen Day Blankets (on sale for $195) at Brook Farm General Store.

Above photo by Twig Hutchinson. Every page in Book 1 is absolutely stunning and covetable. Every page in Book 2 is adorable and funny and makes me smile.

Torchon en lin Fog Linen

Beacon and Esmond Mills Blankets

Peruvian Textiles via Maitreya Levanchild's Pinterest, via Jade Harwood and Aurelie Nicod Popper at Wool And The Gang.

Welsh Tapestry Nos Da Throws ($315) by Donna Wilson, via The Future Perfect, via Apartment Therapy.

Whoosh! Do you have any pretty pictures of a folded stack of linens? I'd love to see them. Send them over to me at lauracgeorge (at!) gmail and I might feature your image (with links to your web presence) on Let The Real World Begin!

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