So this is what the mountains look like out here in Keystone, Colorado. There are a lot of trees, a lot of people, and a lot of scary slopes. Yesterday was my first day learning how to ski. I'm the type of person who can't stand to not be in total control of my body. So sliding around on the snow is very difficult for me emotionally. I think The Boy was pretty frustrated as he tried to get me to be more daring and I just couldn't. There's a little guilt in there...

There are a lot of these little ones learning on the same bunny slope I've been working on. It can get disconcerting, but it's nice to see a couple adults out there too. I think tomorrow I might graduate to a "real" slope, but not much of one. At least I'm trying and I'm getting better! Oh! And I took to turning really easily. It feels very natural, unlike stopping or even slowing down. I'll be happy when I can get rid of the pie shape with my skis and focus on actually learning proper technique.

I'm starting to look like that! I'm saying this because when I put the skis on for the first time, I burst into tears. It was all too frightening... But now I'm smiling.

But there's no need to tell you I won't be tackling one of these slopes any time soon. Maybe next year!

Image Credits (because I haven't had a chance to take a single picture!):
1. Clark Weber, found here.
2. Jeri Gloege, found here.
3. Cleavers, found here.
4. Harnish, found here.

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