Ski Pictures!!

I wanted to show you where I started my ski adventure. See the first time I went skiing, I was about 12 and did the group ski school. I'm pretty sure it was an hour long and then my mom picked me up and took me up the chair lift. At the top, I looked down, turned back to my mom and burst into tears. The slope looked far too steep to go down!! I didn't even feel comfortable stopping yet...

So this time around, I had The Boy giving me lots of personalized attention as he taught me the utter basics of putting on my boots and stepping into the skis. Actually, you can see The Boy in the bottom-right corner of the first picture. It's hard to tell, but that's a real slope going on there. And I learned to ski on it.

I allowed myself to let go of the kajillion scary thoughts running through my head and begin to ski. This tunnel has a conveyor belt that sort of sticks to your skis. So when you get to the bottom, you ride back up through the little tunnel. It moves super-slowly because people panic when getting on and off. It's also nice to see some adults in the "Learning Area"....

I'd like to note that on my second day of skiing ever, I made it off the bunny slope and onto the slightly more difficult learning slope next door. It was a fair bit steeper, honestly. I wish I had gotten pictures for you. I was nailing turns and stopping like a pro, though I did panic every time I went too fast. And I fell four or five times.

I took these last two photos while riding the gondola down all by myself. I left The Boy up at the top of the mountain with his family to ski some harder slopes in the afternoon and I rode all the way down (about 20 minutes in the gondola), all alone. It was actually pretty peaceful - and look at those views! I only wish I could have gotten a better shot of the sky with the gorgeous wispy clouds that day.

Just so you know, The Boy has come down with what looks like another bout of mono perhaps. So no more skiing this trip (as we only have tomorrow left). Next year we'll come out again and I'll get a little better at the whole thing. Until then, I'm staying out of the snow!

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