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How I Love Thee, 3 SET

I can't tell you how much I love when outfits are easy! I don't have the time (or mental energy!) to craft the perfect ensemble before heading out for the day. I'm convinced that's the main reason I dress so simply (top and bottom, usually forgoing accessories and worrying about shoes at the very last minute). It's just a lot of work for me to put together an outfit on my own body. I never think anything looks quite right so I always settle.

Point? Oh yes, I have one of those.... This outfit (complete with headband not shown) is entirely handmade and entirely adorable. It's the How I Love Thee 3 Set ($235) by Alexandra Grecco. The top comes in short or long sleeves, but I do like the short quite well. And the shorts come in blush or black, but again - I really love the blush. The headband is black and just a teensy bit sparkly, not too much. All you need is to throw on your favorite black flats!

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