Nesting for Good

I ran across this awesome online store called Nest today. Their tagline is "artists leading communities out of poverty", and that says it all. You can shop two different sections: one for loan recipients who live in third-world countries and are given small loans to create a business making things, and another for US artists who donate their proceeds to these small loans for artists in third-world countries.

These are a few of my favorites, though I omitted a lot of the beautiful neutral-toned home goods from the 'artists helping artists' section. And this Kid's Knapsack in African Textiles ($24) by Dsenyo creates opportunities specifically for artisans (primarily women) in Malawi.

Above is the Raquel Tote ($10) made in Guatemala. Below is the Maria Antigua Scarf ($25) also made in Guatemala. I love the matching fabrics! And the last image is of these fantastic Baeta Earrings ($15) from Rwanda!

PS - Sorry I'm a little out-of-touch lately. I'm preparing for a week-long ski vacation. I've never been, which makes it terrifying and means there's a lot of preparing to do for the trip itself, as well as stuff to accomplish so I can leave life for a week. I'll still be posting some while I'm there and I'll be sure to let you know how the actual skiing goes...... yeah........

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