In The Meantime

The Edie Tulle Headband with detatchable bow

I'm working on something super-spiffy right now with my business, 604 Creative, and we are leaving tomorrow for a weekend visit to our soon-to-be new home in Raleigh, NC. So I'm super-busy doing laundry, putting finishing touches on my project, printing maps, and gathering apartment information.

Stacked Houses - Original 3D Wood Wall Art

We have this one chance to see all the apartments before we make a decision and sign a lease! It's exciting because we could end up there for eight years, but scary because it could be a year and then we have to move again. Not knowing makes me anxious, but it also makes me happy because I know I can conquer it with the Boy by my side and that we'll have a lot of fun discovering the future together.

Hot Air Balloon Ride - Embroidery Home Decor

Anyway, in the meantime, I'd love if you checked out a few of my Treasury lists on Etsy. They're themed collections of handmade and vintage items found on Etsy. Mine are themed around happy things like the circus, spring fashion, the movie Black Swan, and the art I really wish I could decorate with. Hope you enjoy!

Image Credits:
1. Alexandra Grecco
2. Says The Tree
3. Kim Art

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