For the Crafters Out There

This thing is awesome. To all you crafters and artists out there - if you've got a room full of supplies and tools and "scraps", this Scrapbox could be the end to those overwhelming feelings when you walk in that room. And those of you who don't have space for a room, this could be your solution too! The Scrapbox ($1295) is your answer.

It looks like a cabinet or armoire when closed. But when you open those doors, the Scrapbox reveals a million tiny drawers and pockets, and a pull-down table! Everything is clear so you can see what's inside quickly. The Scrapbox comes in a variety of finishes and detailing on the closed doors so you can find one you love, even if you love Shabby Chic! I'm saving up for this one! And if I can't quite make it, they've got the Minibox ($795) that's half the size in height and could be a chic little endtable or bedside table.

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