Dr. Suess in Nature

I'm currently really inspired by the beautiful plants in Socotra. They remind me of the trees in Dr. Suess books. I do wish I could go see them in person. Apparently Socotra, amidst the Indian Ocean, is home to an array of flora and fauna that do not exist anywhere else in the world! I find that pretty amazing....

What places inspire you the most? Or do you not find yourself inspired by exotic places, but maybe more by things close to home? I'd love to hear from you.

I really love this teensy tiny tree in the picture below. Totally unexpected and wild. Does it grow into one of those big trees above? Be sure to check out this LA Times article for some really good, but nice and short, information about Socotra and lots of pretty pictures.

A desert rose sprouts from the rocks.

Photo Credits:
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2. by Jan Vandorpe via Dark Roasted Blend
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5. by Piotr Kot via LA Times

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