Cheap Thrills: Round Things at Branch

Tiny Basket Bowl

I just took a (virtual) trip over to Branch and spied quite a few lovely cheap thrills. My favorites are by far the curvy, organically-shaped items. The Tiny Basket Bowls ($28 each) are shown as little salt cellars and pepper mills, but work equally well as a potter for a small plant, a ring holder, a place to collect keys or loose change.... practically anything! I also love that the hole in the top is wonderful for hanging these pots, or perhaps sticking a watering can nozzle through? What other great uses can you think of for these bowls?

Bunny Foundlings

These adorable Bunny Foundlings ($22-$34, or one of each size for $52) looks super-soft and would be great for little ones. But I would display them on a bookshelf. They also make great Easter decor, since it is the season!

Mini Creamer

And of course these Mini Creamers ($14 each) make lovely display pieces with their colored insides, fantastic dishes, lovely carafes and decanters, and even beautiful vases!

Start looking outside the intended purpose of an inexpensive but beautiful item. You just might discover it's exactly what your home has been needing...

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