Bacon. Chocolate Chip. Cookies.

I told the Boy that I was craving chocolate and he suggested we make the bacon chocolate chip cookies I had read about on the Oh Joy blog a few weeks ago and posted about on Let The Real World Begin.

Our kitchen got messy so quickly! See the Boy leaning out of the shot, there? He wasn't in a very good mood. I'm surprised he offered to make the cookies. So the recipe Joy was inspired by is from Mouth From the South, but that recipe was inspired by the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe from Cook's Illustrated. I trust absolutely everything they say at Cook's Illustrated, so we used that recipe for the batter, but added in the chocolate and bacon as suggested at Mouth From the South.

Yummy batter!! It was really super-thick and hard to stir. But once all the flour incorporated, it looked like real batter again. I tell you, every step of the way, this tasted amazing. I ate the little pieces of bacon. I ate the liquid mixture after the brown sugar was put in. I ate the liquid mixture after the eggs were put in. I ate the batter after the flour was added in. I ate the batter after the chocolate and bacon were put in! I can't tell you how delicious this whole ordeal was.

I'm actually tempted to make another batch, but not bake them... just so I can eat the batter. Don't judge.

For aesthetics, I want more bacon in them (we used eight slices). But for taste, I think it was the perfect amount. If you make bigger and rounder cookies like this, you'll produce really great looking cookies like we did. But if you make them smaller, they'll flatten out more during baking and you might end up with awkwardly crispy or weirdly-shaped cookies.

Right after coming out of the oven, they're still pretty tight and the chocolate doesn't look melted (above). But trust me, after they've cooled (below).... mmmmm. I can't resist! I might go have another one right now.

Go make some, now!

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