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I'm so excited about the new "dynamic views" Blogger has put out. You can now view Let The Real World Begin in five additional styles. I'm quite partial to the layout I've created for you already, but I think these could be useful to readers for certain things, so I encourage you to check them out!






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  • Pretty Undies

    I really want a pair of these lacy Elle Macpherson Obsidian Frances Culottes ($50) at Journelle. There's a whole set of matching girly lingerie to choose from, but this is my favorite. That color is impeccable on every skin tone and the darting gives it a fantastic 1930's bombshell vibe I totally covet.

    In The Meantime

    The Edie Tulle Headband with detatchable bow

    I'm working on something super-spiffy right now with my business, 604 Creative, and we are leaving tomorrow for a weekend visit to our soon-to-be new home in Raleigh, NC. So I'm super-busy doing laundry, putting finishing touches on my project, printing maps, and gathering apartment information.

    Stacked Houses - Original 3D Wood Wall Art

    We have this one chance to see all the apartments before we make a decision and sign a lease! It's exciting because we could end up there for eight years, but scary because it could be a year and then we have to move again. Not knowing makes me anxious, but it also makes me happy because I know I can conquer it with the Boy by my side and that we'll have a lot of fun discovering the future together.

    Hot Air Balloon Ride - Embroidery Home Decor

    Anyway, in the meantime, I'd love if you checked out a few of my Treasury lists on Etsy. They're themed collections of handmade and vintage items found on Etsy. Mine are themed around happy things like the circus, spring fashion, the movie Black Swan, and the art I really wish I could decorate with. Hope you enjoy!

    Image Credits:
    1. Alexandra Grecco
    2. Says The Tree
    3. Kim Art


    Easy Kitchen Update


    Hang this adorable linen tea towel from your stove to instantly spruce up your kitchen! Alternatively, though they might be joking when they say it looks just as good framed, I think you could easily get a little DIY-dirty and wrap this around the cardboard backing of any frame to create a pretty piece of art.

    Amassed Tea Towel ($25) at Enormous Champion.


    Simple Solution

    Cintre de suspension

    This simple hanger can change the way you store scarves, ribbons, tights, bangles. I can think of 100 things it could be used for! Get your own Cintre de Suspension - Suspension Coathanger (6 Euro) at Neest and thank the design gods that France exists.

    Suspension coathanger

    I might buy a few to tie all my scarves on. I could display these on nails on the wall or hang in my closet to tuck things away. Currently I display my scarves and belts from removable ugly plastic hooks. It's rather cluttered and I'm due for a change, especially since we're moving in June!

    Suspension coathanger

    Keeping A Schedule

    I really like the idea of routine, even though I would like my routine to have an open spot for out-of-the-ordinary activities. I find Benjamin Franklin's Daily Schedule intriguing, albeit a bit static. The language is charming and thought-provoking, don't you think? I also really love the thought of "taking the resolution of the day". I think I might adopt that behavior, as well as "examining" the day before bed.

    What do you think about a day reduced to the question of what good you will do and have done each morning and evening, respectively? Would this help you to nurture yourself and others? Would you be more or less productive?

    I also enjoy this witty and illustrated post on Benjamin Franklin by Maira Kalman at And The Pursuit Of Happiness, via The NY Times.

    Giving credit where credit is due: I found this book page at Swiss Miss. She found it from her friend Chris who found it on Nick Bilton's Flickr. It was published in Benjamin Franklin: Autobiography and Other Writings from the Oxford Press. It is now public domain.


    Stacks of Fabric

    I am swooning over stacks of fabric lately. The neatly folded textiles are calling out to me for reasons I honestly can't explain. Got any ideas? Either way, I'm in love.

    Linen Day Blankets (on sale for $195) at Brook Farm General Store.

    Above photo by Twig Hutchinson. Every page in Book 1 is absolutely stunning and covetable. Every page in Book 2 is adorable and funny and makes me smile.

    Torchon en lin Fog Linen

    Beacon and Esmond Mills Blankets

    Peruvian Textiles via Maitreya Levanchild's Pinterest, via Jade Harwood and Aurelie Nicod Popper at Wool And The Gang.

    Welsh Tapestry Nos Da Throws ($315) by Donna Wilson, via The Future Perfect, via Apartment Therapy.

    Whoosh! Do you have any pretty pictures of a folded stack of linens? I'd love to see them. Send them over to me at lauracgeorge (at!) gmail and I might feature your image (with links to your web presence) on Let The Real World Begin!


    One Stop Shopping

    How I Love Thee, 3 SET

    I can't tell you how much I love when outfits are easy! I don't have the time (or mental energy!) to craft the perfect ensemble before heading out for the day. I'm convinced that's the main reason I dress so simply (top and bottom, usually forgoing accessories and worrying about shoes at the very last minute). It's just a lot of work for me to put together an outfit on my own body. I never think anything looks quite right so I always settle.

    Point? Oh yes, I have one of those.... This outfit (complete with headband not shown) is entirely handmade and entirely adorable. It's the How I Love Thee 3 Set ($235) by Alexandra Grecco. The top comes in short or long sleeves, but I do like the short quite well. And the shorts come in blush or black, but again - I really love the blush. The headband is black and just a teensy bit sparkly, not too much. All you need is to throw on your favorite black flats!


    Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood

    Hype about the Little Red Riding Hood movie is going strong. I've created a beautiful treasury on Etsy to reflect the wonderful imagery in my most favorite fairy tale of them all!

    'Little Red Riding Hood' by 604Jewelry

    This treasury is inspired by the travels and travails of Little Red. I attempted to keep the grotesque and unseeming portions of her history at bay to reveal the more lovely parts. No Brothers Grimm here... I hope.What's your favorite fairy tale? The one with the most votes is the one I'll do the next fairy tale treasury on!

    girl with wolf II, sign...

    Dainty Feminine Ironwoo...

    little red riding hood ...

    Through the Woods... Kn...

    Red Riding Hood - Ruby ...

    Wolf from Little Red Ri...

    Organic Grape Heart and...

    Mini Notebooks, Set of ...

    Little Red Riding Hood ...

    Little Gems - 6mm Red G...

    Big Bad Wolf Hat

    lace knitted scarf vict...

    Leather Boots with Stac...

    Little Red Riding Hood ...

    Hey There, Little Red R...

    Little Red and the Big ...

    Image Credit:
    1. Jason Gaskins @ Eventhestreets
    2. All pictures link to the artist's item where you can find their bio and other works and contact them should you so choose. Treasury title links to my treasury if you'd like to comment on it with your Etsy username.


    For the Crafters Out There

    This thing is awesome. To all you crafters and artists out there - if you've got a room full of supplies and tools and "scraps", this Scrapbox could be the end to those overwhelming feelings when you walk in that room. And those of you who don't have space for a room, this could be your solution too! The Scrapbox ($1295) is your answer.

    It looks like a cabinet or armoire when closed. But when you open those doors, the Scrapbox reveals a million tiny drawers and pockets, and a pull-down table! Everything is clear so you can see what's inside quickly. The Scrapbox comes in a variety of finishes and detailing on the closed doors so you can find one you love, even if you love Shabby Chic! I'm saving up for this one! And if I can't quite make it, they've got the Minibox ($795) that's half the size in height and could be a chic little endtable or bedside table.


    Dr. Suess in Nature

    I'm currently really inspired by the beautiful plants in Socotra. They remind me of the trees in Dr. Suess books. I do wish I could go see them in person. Apparently Socotra, amidst the Indian Ocean, is home to an array of flora and fauna that do not exist anywhere else in the world! I find that pretty amazing....

    What places inspire you the most? Or do you not find yourself inspired by exotic places, but maybe more by things close to home? I'd love to hear from you.

    I really love this teensy tiny tree in the picture below. Totally unexpected and wild. Does it grow into one of those big trees above? Be sure to check out this LA Times article for some really good, but nice and short, information about Socotra and lots of pretty pictures.

    A desert rose sprouts from the rocks.

    Photo Credits:
    1. Dragon's Blood Tree by Piotr Kot via Boing Boing
    2. by Jan Vandorpe via Dark Roasted Blend
    3. The Travel Enthusiast via Travel Grove
    4. via World Most Amazing Places: Socotra Island
    5. by Piotr Kot via LA Times


    For Work / For Play

    Image 1 of Ted Baker Peplum Dress Image 1 of ASOS Lace One Sleeve Body-Conscious Dress

    Dress yourself with ASOS for work (top) with the Ted Baker Peplum Dress ($285) or for play (bottom) with the Lace One Sleeve Body-Conscious Dress ($80). Don't you just love white when Easter is looming?


    Finally - Pretty Rugs!

    I hate rugs. People always seem to choose the heaviest, darkest, most over-designed rugs in the world. Or, trying to avoid this, they choose the brightest neon, fuzzy, preteen-beloved rug they can find. Well I finally tracked down some beautiful, gentle, subtle rugs that sweetly compliment your decor. Serena and Lily offers up lovely options like this Sand Gobi Frame Rug ($349 - $699) or the Stone Deco Frame Rug ($349 - $699).

    I even really like this simple, fringy Blush Border Rug ($299 - $599). Serena & Lily also has a bunch of pretty homewares from poufs to lamps and beyond.