Textured Nail Trend

caviar nails

Rarely do we see a 3D trend in nails! This is the brainchild of someone backstage at the Cushnie et Ochs show during New York Fashion Week, this past week. I heard about it from Kelly over at The DailyBuss.

I think it's exciting and can't wait for a special night to try this myself. To DIY:

1. prepare a bowl of seed beads (itty bitty round beads you can buy at any bead or craft store)
2. paint a nail
3. while paint is still wet, dip nail in the bowl of beads
4. pat any loose beads down so they stick
5. repeat with each nail
6. a very thin top coat helps the beads stick if you're planning on doing more than walking a runway!

If this is too easy for you, you can try painstakingly creating stripes or other designs. But you'll have to use your other hand to place the beads on the right color and it will be harder to keep the paint from drying while you work. Tip: if you're going this route, you can add a drop of clear polish on dry spots to set the beads in.

*Photo Credit: Jessica at What I Wore

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