Spotlight On: Poor Dog Farm

Peek - a - Boo   -print

Every once in a while, I run across an artist who makes beautiful 2D work I want to line my walls with. I mean, I frequently find a piece or two that I like from an artist. But it's rare that I like the majority of a person's work. I guess what makes me like so much of the pieces at Poor Dog Farm is that they have a fantastic voice that shines through them and a coveted surety of style that many artists spend decades searching for. This Peek-a-Boo Print ($17) might be my favorite because of the colors.

Elephant Queen (an original 8x10 hand painted Queen)  Elephant King (an original 8x10 hand painted king)

But in close second are all the fantastic elephant pieces... because I'm obsessed with elephants. There's an obscene variety of animals represented in the shop, many of which wear odd hats. I mean, chinchillas and rhinos live freely amongst foxes and geese. Take a look for yourself!!

ACEO signed PRINT -  Sepia Elephant King

Prices in the shop range from small $5 prints to fantastic $400 original watercolors and everything in between! I'm strongly considering a love affair with a trio of crowned animals... What's your favorite animal? Is there a print of it in the shop? I'm dying to know which of these pieces is going to grace your walls.

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