Tablecloth Play House

While I normally loathe all things pink, there's nothing like spending time in a seven-year-old's brain to make you think pink. I totally wish I had this Tablecloth Play House ($78) by Cool Spaces For Kids when I was a little girl!! I used to play house under my dining room table too. I also wish I had had this Burberry One Piece Swimsuit ($80) from Nordstrom as a wee one.

        Point of No Return Heel

The Point of No Return Heels ($109) at ModCloth will have to suffice as my grown-up dose of pink. Or, if I'm feeling super-girly, I could wear this lacy Chiffon Bubble Dress ($50) from Delia's.


I'm coveting this darling Neapolitan Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover ($148) from Urban Outfitters for my bedroom. Since it's a tad out of my price range, I'm going to settle for this magical Silence and Noise Photography Print of the Eiffel Tower ($23) at Art Garage Sale. And I'm definitely drinking out of this Fancy and Fresh Water Bottle ($23) from ModCloth from now on.

Fancy and Fresh Water Bottle

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