The Boy and I have been dieting for a few months now. We're not crazy about it, but we both put on quite the poundage last summer and needed to get back to a healthy weight. It's been surprisingly easy for me. After the initial shock of the foods I wasn't supposed to eat, which have since become special foods that I reward myself with, I got used to eating less and eating better.

Calorie Counter

The key tool in my weight loss was this awesome online program My Fitness Pal. And it's free!

I simply plug in everything I eat (most foods only take seconds to add because they're already in the database and are easily searchable) right after I eat it.... or feverishly at the end of the day in a panic. Your choice. And occasionally I weigh myself to see how it's going.

Instead of obsessing over pounds and inches, I focus on tracking calories. With less to worry about and fuss over, it's really easy to just stop eating after you've hit your calorie limit. This limit is calculated for you based on how much you weigh, your height, and how much you want to lose per week. You can factor in exercise, which automatically changes how many calories you can eat that day. And you can easily see any other dietary concerns you have like sugar, sodium, or carbs by adding those columns to your food diary. And I still get to eat stuff like the third and fourth images (above and below, respectively).


I make a point to eat something sinful every day - usually chocolate for me - but not much of it. One cookie an hour after dinner is enough to satisfy me. Really. It took a month or so to get used to, but now it's second nature to turn down the snacks and eat smaller portions. Oh! And leave food on my plate at dinner! I don't accomplish that one every night, but often I manage to leave several bites of yummy goodness behind... because I'm just not hungry anymore.

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*Image 4 via Let The Real World Begin, photo by Oh Joy.

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